The Big Movement:

What we did: Created a colon cancer awareness campaign by developing a product that weighs people’s poop and answers the question “How much does my poop weigh?” Colon cancer isn’t at the forefront of the cancer discussion, despite being very common. We’ll raise awareness by launching a new product, the Poo O’meter. It weighs your business, and will be placed in select public toilets across the nation. Once in select stalls, people are prompted to go to the campaign’s website;


Then We Realized:

Breast cancer gets a run. Other cancers get walks. But color Cancer doesn’t get the same kind of attention as other cancers, despite being one of the most common. We want to change that with the first annual 100K Poo-A-Thon. When we hit 100,000 lbs., Kimberly-Clark will donate $1 million to the American Cancer Society for colon cancer research.


In order to assure participants that we were giving them the most accurate readings, we consulted science. Using physics, we referenced a simple formula (Mass = Density x Volume). What this means, is that we can now weigh poops. Using the power of Wi-Fi and NFC, the Poo O’meter transforms your analog poops into a digital format. Never again wonder “how much,” or “am I regular” all thanks to simple physics. Remember, a healthy poo is a healthy colon!